Hydronic Heating Installation

What Is Hydronic Heating?

Hydronic Heating heats water and moves the hot water through sealed pipes to radiators installed against walls throughout the home or underfloor heating. Unlike ducted gas heating there aren’t any floor, wall or ceiling vents.
For those with asthma, allergies or environmental sensitivities, a hydronic heating installation, is an ideal solution as there is no airflow, no dust particles are blown around unlike split system heating installations and virtually soundless when operating.
Heat radiates up and out from the radiators into the room and the heat is absorbed by objects. There are no noisy fans to blow air and as such, is a virtually completely quiet system in operation.
Hydronic heating has been traditionally used overseas throughout Europe and the USA to effectively keep homes warm for years.
Hydronic heating isn’t limited to wall radiators, it can successfully be installed for hydronic floor heating installations, heated towel rails and even heat swimming pools, basically anywhere it’s needed.

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How Does A Hydronic Heating Installation Work?

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Hydronic heating systems function by re-heating and re-circulating water through a network of closed pipes in a closed environment. Pipes are usually made of copper or plastic, or a multilayered composite.

Gas, LPG, Wood, Biofuel or Electric Power

Water is heated using LPG or gas boilers, which have very good efficiency ratings of up to as much as 95%.

The boilers may be fueled by a variety of sources which is mostly gas or LPG, but wood, electricity, geoexchange systems or biofuels can also be used. Regardless of what your fuel source is, there will be a boiler that is suitable for your home. Boilers with low-water content are the most efficient.

If you are energy conscious, you can harness the green power of solar energy to power your boiler, making it a cost effective way to heat your home during the colder months.

Zero To Very Little Evaporation In Hydronic Heating Installations

Because the water is recirculated and recycled through closed pipes, there is very little evaporation, despite water being the primary component of the system. All you need to do is top up any water loss every year when necessary.

Zone Heating

Hydronic heating systems are a perfect solution for whole home zoned heating for individual rooms around the house. A hydronic heating service may also be installed in concrete slabs for a cost-effective method of heating with innovative technology for an energy efficient home heating system.

Water Is Heated In A Boiler

Water is heated in a boiler which is fed through piping in the walls into panel radiators installed in rooms. The heat radiates out into the air to spread evenly around the room. In the case of underfloor heating, heated water is distributed around coils of piping installed under the concrete slab. The entire surface area is heated.

Wall Radiators

The wall radiators are available in a wide range of styles and materials to suit any home decor. Choose from the more traditional unobtrusive white finish to steel panels, or the latest in cast iron or aluminium  panels. There are any number of  designer radiators offering neat shapes and sizes to complement any space.

Because there are such a large array of choices to accommodate different installations, uses and budget, they can easily be installed into existing or new homes with either a partial or full or partial installation available by a good plumber and electrician.

Benefits Of Hydronic Heating Installations

Hydronic heating allow you to personalise your heating requirements with zoned heating, allowing you to enjoy the comfort of your home as well as reducing energy bills.

These heating system are quiet to operate as heat is evenly distributed with balanced air moisture. There are no noisy fans turning on and off to fan force air around the room, thus avoiding warm draughts or smells.

Why Choose A Hydronic Heater?

For those who suffer allergies, are sensitive and generally prefer a healthier home heating system, hydronic heating produces a gentle and pleasant form of heat.

The majority of heating systems are fan forced, blowing dust, allergens and unhygienic airborne contaminants around homes.

Another downside of fan forced air heating is they take moisture out the air which can affect our eyes, throats and skin.

Radiant Heat Principle

Hydronic heating is radiant heat. Radiant heating is based on the principle of radiant energy which transfers heat from a source to an object. A perfect example is heat from the sun.

Just by standing in the sun, you are experiencing the benefits of radiant heat. Hydronic heating offers cleaner air and healthier homes.

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Installing hydronic heating is the most efficient system to operate. As water is an excellent heat conductor, heat is quickly and evenly transferred around spaces.

With fan forced heating, there is always one part of the room that is warmer than the rest such as the ceiling. Because the heat distribution is even, room temperature settings can be lower so less energy is consumed.

Modern hydronic heating systems offer the benefits of zoned heating so you can control the temperature of each area with a thermostat.

For example the main living areas can operate at warmer temperatures, 21C, whereas bedrooms can be maintained at lower levels of warmth, 18C for improved sleep hygiene.

By reducing heat loss and energy consumption, the environmental impact is reduced as well as lower power bills.

Independent Temperature Control

Every panel heater is independently temperature controlled via zone heating, so each room can operate a different temperature.

Improved Air Quality

For those with allergies, seasonal sensitivities or asthmatics, a hydronic heating service makes them an ideal choice as there is no fan to blow draughts of air, dust or irritating particles in a room.

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